a January 14th, 2010

  1. Watchdog January 14th

    January 14, 2010 by myeye

    Chase is a great office companion.  I moved the bakers’ rack of plants to another window so Chase could use the window seat.  He watches the parking lot and sidewalk in front of my office for potential visitors.  Children on their way to other offices often stop to talk with him through the window.  I can’t imagine how folks get through the day without a faithful dog.

    Watch Dog 1-14-2010

  2. Queen of the (Resident) Cardis

    January 14, 2010 by myeye

    When Phoebe first came to Albuquerque, I blogged about how she chose to sleep under the bed at night, and hung back barking while the other baddogs got themselves in trouble.  Well, things changed literally overnight.  Phoebe came into season on Tuesday, and came into her own yesterday.  Last night, she leapt onto the bed and made herself comfortable — headed for the pillows, but I stopped that — eeewww.  So, she sprawled in the middle of one side.  She permitted Inca and Chase to select spots around her.  What a change!  She’s also finally selected me as her person.  Until now, I was the maid servant that brought food.  Suddenly, I am the giver of good rubs and pats.  She’s made it clear to the rest of the pack that she has ascended to the leadership role.  Chase and Holmes are so concerned with the end sans teeth, that they could care less which dog is in charge.  Inca is content to sit near me on the side away from Phoebe.

    I assume this transformation will end at the stroke of midnight in two and a half weeks.  I’ll be left with an old pumpkin, some mice and a glass slipper.  For now, I’m enjoying the new Phoebe.