a January 15th, 2010

  1. Notes From the Asylum

    January 15, 2010 by myeye

    I sure wish someone lived with me (a human someone).  I’m not at all lonely, but I have no one on whom to blame really stoopid acts.  This morning in the mad dash to get to work — because I had lots of things to do — I apparently (well, it can’t be apparently because there is no other way for this to have happened) closed the kitchen gate with the Holmes-puppy in the living room/dining room area.  Inca and Phoebe were in the kitchen-laundry room – half bath/dog door area.  Holmes-puppy was where there is no dog door — only rugs, books, pottery, furniture, cushions, table legs, chair legs, cherry bookshelves — and he was locked in there for nine hours.

    During those nine hours, it appears he did only one bad thing — and, bless his little puppy heart, I can’t blame him — he pooped.*  Then (here’s where I stop blessing his little puppy heart) he played in it.  I didn’t like the rugs anymore anyway.  Now it’s definitely time for them to leave.  He’s eaten the edging off, though Inca started the process two years ago, and, as of today, they smell like puppy poop.  What idjit would leave a puppy loose and unattended with rugs, books, pottery, furniture, cushions, table legs, chair legs, and cherry bookshelves for nine hours?  Only one idjit lives here!

    * I expect he piddled as well, but the rugs are a dark pattern so I can’t find where that might have happened — and it’s the least of my worries.