a January 22nd, 2010

  1. Struttin’ Our Stuff

    January 22, 2010 by myeye

    Chase and I have been working in obedience.  I’m determined to have him ready for his CD (try) at the May High Desert cluster.  It’s four trials in four days.  So, can we do it?

    We’re enrolled in competitive obedience class and Chase has been through Basic and Intermediate Novice.  He’s earned his RN.  We practice at the office.  Let’s go Chase-man, we can do it.

    Tonight I decided to see what we needed to work on so we went to run-throughs at the obedience club.  Chase climbed up into a chair to watch while we waited for our turn.  It was his first time off-lead in a ring situation.  They started with the long sits and downs so we could do them with the Open Dogs.  Chase stood up two minutes into the long down, gave me an “Oh S**t” look and quickly laid back down.  He had forgotten what we were doing.  Afterward I realized that he had never been on a down stay for more than 90 seconds so getting to two minutes was pretty good.  In addition, his brain has spent the week in his back end with the lovely Phoebe in standing heat.  Other than the gaff on the long down, he was really good.  No problem with the long sit.  He dances when he’s heeling, smiling his head off, gallops on the recall, stood for exam with a little shifting of his front feet (points off, but qualifying).  He has the most instant sits I’ve ever worked with.   It was just too much fun — for both of us.  Love working with this boy.

    Oh, and about Phoebe.  He bred her last night and she’s now done with him — just toss him out with the trash.  Poor Chase.  He doesn’t understand how she could be so fickle.

  2. Lea County Kennel Club Entries – POST #700

    January 22, 2010 by myeye

    I guess I’ve been blogging for a few years — this is my 700th post.  Fittingly, it will be pretty mundane.

    Chase is going down to Hobbs NM the weekend of February 6-7.  He hasn’t been to a show since October, so it’s time to remind him that conformation is fun.  From there, he’ll be going up to the Denver shows for four days of competition.  Hobbs closed Wednesday and the Cardigan count is odd.  5 males, 4 bitches, and 4 male specials.  That’s 2 points in dogs and 1 in bitches.  If, however, everyone shows up and a class dog goes Best of Breed, it would be a 3-point major.  It’s potluck judging so people paid their money and are taking their chances.  . . . wonder who’ll be there in addition to Chase and one of Becky (McElroy) Harding’s class dogs?