Forgiven – January 26th

January 27, 2010

Monday evening when I arrived home from work, in my headlights I saw something near the garage door.

Daffodil 1-26-2010

The note said that we’ve had a great neighbor relationship for the past two years.  The relationship is important to us.  Thank you for taking care of the dogs barking.

In some ways it made me feel even worse than I did when I realized the dogs were barking their fool heads off.  I love these neighbors though and am so glad I could take some steps to reduce the annoying barking.  Inca is scheduled to be debarked on February 8th, and after she has puppies, Phoebe will be going home to Carolyn and Tom’s country spread.  The boys aren’t barkers (well, except for right now as Chase tells Phoebe she “is too wanting to be bred”).  So, the old homestead should be far more pleasant within the next few months.

The flood repair lingers on.  The mold remediation is done, the samples passed inspection.  The drywaller will start working tomorrow morning.  I’m faxing estimates for the new cabinets to the adjuster, and I purchased the paint for the accent walls (a soft peachy color called “Patty Cake”).  I want my kitchen back (and my dog door).

In other news:  Kip’s “dad” Jim was sent to the Cleveland Clinic by air ambulance yesterday.

My elder son has been hired as assistant volleyball coach at the Air Force Academy.  His best friend is the new head coach.  So, Marc and Debi leave tomorrow to look at homes in the Colorado Springs area.  I’ll miss them so much.  On the other hand, one of my favorite judges will be doing the Herding Group at the Colorado Springs shows the first weekend in June.  I wonder how soon Marc and Debi can get moved?


  1. Sandy says:

    Sounds like life is ironing itself out, huh? The daff is a nice touch!

  2. Tom says:

    So, Phoebe is coming home with us to have her next puppies here? I think I’m out of the loop on this change in plans.

    • myeye says:

      That’s not the plan. The plan is for Phoebe to again have puppies here and to go home afterward. Inca’s debarking will certainly cut down on the noise though — she sits on the park bench out front and barks just to hear herself.

  3. Lybertygirl says:

    Oh….I love the Springs. I was stationed at Fort Carson back in the 70’s (Yikes, I’m Old) and I loved it. Such a beautiful place! Wishing Kip’s dad a speedy recovery – he is in our prayers!

  4. Sarah says:

    Whew, even though it’s not over, it does sound like everything is falling into place, and is going to be manageable. I’m sure it’s exhausting. Count the days! Sorry your son is moving, does this mean Adrienne is moving also? Or is that a different son?

  5. How nice to have good neighbors!!!

    Thinking good thoughts at you as you get through the rest of your reno, and through the transition for your son to Colorado.