Let the Mold Containment Begin

January 18, 2010

Servicemaster employees arrived at 8:00.  I tried yesterday to move the refrigerator into the dining room, but we (Brock and I) could not turn off the water to the ice maker.  The shut-off valves at the wall and on the refrigerator are stripped.  So, a special trip by one of their plumbers was the first order of the day.  Phoebe has barked non-stop since they arrived.  The other three dogs launched their happy selves at the workers — so now everyone is crated.  We will be primarily upstairs while they are working — a problem because Holmes is not yet big enough to go down the stairs.  I have to carry his little body (not THAT little anymore).  What great exercise this is going to be.

I washed every scrap of laundry last night and turned on the dishwasher.  The laundry is piled on the daybed and I’ll fold as I get time.  The issue?  Chase steals my wool socks.  Holmes has decided that is a truly wonderful idea.  So Chase takes them off the bed and gives them to Holmes who runs into another room with them.  Looks like folding laundry might be the first order of business.  I also need to clean off the dining room table.  As I came upon something in the kitchen that I thought I might need during the two kitchenless weeks, I set it on the dining room table — so now that table is pretty well covered.  I certainly have accumulated a lot of stuff that I don’t think I really need to own.  I may pitch all sorts of items rather than putting them back in the cabinets.

This will be a great opportunity to upgrade VISTA to Windows7.  I received the new program more than a week ago and have been waiting for a few uncommitted hours to fight with it.

I closed the office for today.  Tomorrow begins the home/office shuffle.  ‘Tis indeed a challenge to my organizational skills.


  1. Sharrie Brockhaus says:

    I wish that I could be there to help you. I really need something to occupy my thoughts and actions today. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. Just think about how much help you could have if you set the dogs loose! I understand the “sock thing”. Zippy pulls socks from the dirty clothes bin which is open wire. It gives him something to do. I will have to spend much more time with him since he lost his playmate. I hope the weather cooperates.

  2. I, too, wish I were close enough to help. I am usually home on
    a couple of weekdays; I could provide day care….

    Sending you good thoughts, in any case!

    I’ve never had a dog who was interested in our clothing, but nearly all of our wastebaskets now are the lidded kind, as Wilbur will eat kleenex (used or not) until what results are “ghost turds”……. I don’t know if he could get a blockage, but don’t want to find out! Hence the lids (and the dearth of kleenex boxes in our house, compared to before he came!).

  3. Lani says:

    Good luck with the remodel mess, Penni. It takes patience to live through a remodel. I’m glad to hear the Phoebe is protecting the house. Don’t you realize what danger you’re in?!?

    Of course, if she’d warned you of the broken pipe danger, you might not have to live with all the workers in and out. Maybe if you explained that to her, she’d stop barking.