Puppy Fundamentals – First Class

January 16, 2010

Holmes went to his very first “Fundamentals” class today.  He is by faaaar the youngest puppy in the class.  Many of them have already been through a puppy agility class.  Our biggest problem, as one might expect, will be focus.  Holmes is a very willing baby, but he is distracted by the other dogs and all the people, the equipment, food on the floor.  He was a star at the tunnel (thanks to Adrienne’s hard work) and on the dogwalk board (flat on the ground).  The pvc ladder, even laid out  flat, was pretty high for those little legs.  The people — oh, joy — the people . . . all saying “what a cute little guy . . . come here puppy”.  That’s exactly what he did.  So, the first day was all about being social.  I need to work with him on some of the basics — other than being social which he seems to understand pretty well.

Today is “organize day” so that by Monday, I’ve moved into the living room and dining room everything the dogs and I need to survive without a kitchen for 10 days.  This is not being a fun weekend (other than Holmes’ class and the Awards brunch tomorrow).  It’s disorienting to say the least.  Add to that Chase and Phoebe’s absolute togetherness, and this is a crazy place.