Sharing the Windowseat – January 28th

January 28, 2010

It’s raining and snowing and sleeting.  Inside my office it’s cozy.  Holmes is a lucky boy because Daddy Chase is permitting him to share the window seat to look out on passers by.  A pair of cute boys.

Sharing the Window Seat 1-28-2010


  1. Sandy says:

    What cute boys….interesting the differences in their heads! I’m sure Holmes will grow into those ears someday.

    • myeye says:

      The difference in the heads is primarily age. I expect Holmes’ head will get blockier as he ages. Now the ears — I’m not sure he’ll ever grow into those ears.

  2. Kim Gibson says:

    Oh I just love seeing the pictures of Holmes with his Daddy! Almost as much as I enjoy hearing about naughty dogs!