Taking Over – January 4th

January 5, 2010

Holmes is rebelling — a little.  If his personal indoor potty no longer exists, then he’ll just stake out the couch.

Who said you could be on the couch 1-4-2010Who said you could be on this couch?

Not your pillow 1-4-2010That’s also not your pillow

. . . and for contrast, here’s a good dog:

Pretty Inca 1-3-2010Pretty Inca — always hoping for food


  1. Sandy says:

    No dogs on couches here….he has a $100 LLBean bed though!

  2. Laura says:

    But he’s just so stinking cute….how can you not give into that face? Hehehe!! Yep, stand firm, Penni. You the boss.