a February 13th, 2010

  1. Holmes At 21 Weeks Young

    February 13, 2010 by myeye

    Holmes’ official photographer hasn’t been here for a while, but Adrienne and I are going to Holmes’ puppy class and then to a basketball game, so we stole a few minutes to snap a couple of Holmes photos.  I still love this baby.  What do you think?

    Holmes - face 2-13-2010

    Holmes3 2-13-2010

    Front1 2-13-2010

  2. Progress

    February 13, 2010 by myeye

    Last night I picked out a new faucet — it looks like it came from a modern art museum and was my big splurge for the flood repairs.  Tonight I met the construction man (Tim) at Lowes where I paid for all the construction materials.  He is going to set the cabinets and begin painting them in the early morning.  Meanwhile, two of his helpers will be trimming the trees/wisteria, cleaning up all the leaves, raking the rocks (my yard is Xeriscaped), adding more rocks, moving the small fence that divides the yards (to give me more room for agility equipment), rebuilding the back patio roof (which has been killed by my massive wisteria).  Whoo hoo!  They promise I will be ready for company by Thursday.  It is such a relief to see an end to the household turmoil.

    Chase and I took his FedEx box to the main FedEx plant and sent it off for his Washington girlfriend.  Little Machas around April 17th.  I left him at the vet’s office this morning while I went to court.  (The vet on the other end did not want him collected by a mere mortal/non-veterinarian.)  When I went to rescue Chase and the box, Chase was not interested in coming home with me.  He decided he liked conditions at Dr. Donny’s clinic.  The reading on the semen was sensational in terms of concentration, motility, and maturity of sperm.  I think feeding raw (and giving Chase 25mg of zinc per day) have a lot to do with his virility.  I plan to collect and freeze him in the next few months.  I’d rather do it while he is in his prime than wait.

    This morning I had a hearing in the murder case and, even though the Deputy District Attorney agreed my client was not a flight risk, the judge left the bond at One Million Dollars.  Seems to me he was punishing her rather than using bond to assure she appeared for court.  So, she’ll be in jail at least until Thusday when the Grand Jury meets.  If they don’t indict her for First Degree Murder, since all other charges are barred by the Statute of Limitations, she should be released and all counts dismissed.  . . . so, still working on it.

    Adrienne will be here tomorrow and we’ll take some photos of Holmes, then take him to his puppy foundations class, and go to the Lady Lobo  Basketball game — while the construction guys swarm the house and yard.