a February 24th, 2010

  1. All Better Now

    February 24, 2010 by myeye

    Warm and dry, being the office dog . . . Holmes has recovered from his great adventure . . . and with a new toy to boot!

    Happy upside down puppy 2-24-2010

    Warm and Dry 2-24-2010

  2. It’s A Bit Cold For Swimming

    February 24, 2010 by myeye

    I had two hearings in Metropolitan Court this morning.  They were early settings and I forget to call my reception service to tell them I would be out of the office.  When I returned at 9:30, the phone was ringing and a frantic receptionist said, “We’ve been trying to find you.  Your dog is in the pond and can’t get out.  Your neighbor is trying to climb the fence to get it out.”  I ran out the door — jacketless and pretty frantic.

    I pulled into the drive just as my neighbor came around the back of the house.  He had put his ladder up against my 6′ wall and jumped into the yard, gone around the back and pulled Holmes from the pond.  He was going to dry him off, but the puppy scampered into the house through the dog door.  I gave him the code to my garage and many thanks (same neighbor that complained about the barking a few weeks ago.  I’m so glad he didn’t hold that against the baby.)  Chase and Inca were running around the pond — apparently wondering why Holmes didn’t just get out.

    Although I’ve had the pond all the time I’ve had dogs, this is the first time one has gone swimming.  Holmes’ little short legs wouldn’t get him up on the step and then out.  It isn’t deep enough for him to drown, but it’s below freezing here.  The baby got soaked and was very cold.  I wrapped him in big bath towels and got the worst of the water off, then bundled him off to the nearby Petco where he is having a warm bath and being thoroughly dried.  It’s another not-at-all-dull day at my place.

    A Little Cold for Swimming 2-24-2010