February 14, 2010

I mentioned that one of my clients had given me his construction man for a week.  The action began on Friday evening.  I met Tim at Lowes and paid for the cabinets, sink, countertop for the kitchen.  We also got new wood for the roof of the patio, sealant for the wood fence, paint thinner, etc.  I had already bought the oil-based enamel paint for the cabinets (so they’d look like the other cabinets) — even with my 25% discount at Dunn-Edwards, the enamel was $40+ a gallon for a stock color — gasp!

Yesterday morning early, Tim brought the cabinets (and all the other stuff) to the house.  He also brought three other guys.  They trimmed trees, cut back the wisteria, even got my neighbor’s permission to remove a huge branch of his apple tree that had climbed my roof.  They raked up all the leaves, picked up stray dog poop, removed and replaced the torn landscaping fabric (dogs had thought getting it pulled up was a contest), moved the short fence back to give me room for agility equipment, took all the old wood off the patio “roof”.  It was just amazing — and they, with all the debris, were gone by 2:00.

Tim set out the cabinets, measured for placement of the new countertop and sink, and then took the cabinets home to paint them in his garage.  He’ll be back late this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning to place the cabinets.  Plumber is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to hook up appliances and re-run the hot water line in the kitchen.  Then Tim will permanently set the countertops.  I’ll start mopping and scrubbing in the kitchen, laundryroom and half bath.  The handyman will finish putting in the dog door, someone from Service master will come clean off the windows.

The dogs want me to forget the kitchen cabinets — they love the wide open space in the kitchen — with a bowl of water and access to the dog door.

Friday, I’ll throw open my front door and greet Carolyn, Tom, Alice, and Molly.  I’ll have found my corkscrew by then.  Whew!

Walter, I can NEVER thank you enough!


  1. This Tim sounds like a true gem! Taking the cabinets to paint in his garage, so you don’t get the fumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And a major thanks to Walter for the gift! 🙂

    It’s so depressing, when you need to make things better, but the way from here to there is for things to get worse, and worse, and worse……

    It sounds like you are in the home stretch, and things are getting better and better and better. Yay!

    ps — I don’t know beans about the Cardigan standard, but what a cute little guy he is! And what a good boy, standing still for pics!


  2. Holly says:

    How wonderful Penni! Almost back to normal.

  3. Mary says:

    Don’t forget before & after pics! Let’s see the miracles that Angel Tim performed! He certainly sounds like an angel.