Going on About Goings On

February 3, 2010

Chase Holmes and Inca 2-1-2010So, Inca, do you have a plan?

Inca Wait 2-1-2010What do you mean — you’re outta’ here?

“Stuff” happens in clumps, or piles, or bundles:  I still have no kitchen.  The cost of new cabinets (even reasonably priced cabinets) was w-a-a-a-y more than the cost of rebuilding the base “boxes”, putting the old doors back on and touching up the paint — so, I don’t get new cabinets after all.  The new dog door has the same sized dog opening as did the old one, but the old frame was much larger.  The handyman had to re-frame the opening.  So that meant drywall patching on the inside and stucco repair on the outside.  Darn!  The painter can’t get started until Monday — so another weekend of no washer and dryer.  Last Sunday when I went to vist Brock and Angela’s laundry room, they introduced me to Wii bowling.  Boy do I suck at that!  The only good thing I can think of, off hand, is that I don’t have to be hospitality chair for the TDX this weekend — because I can’t make coffee or make dessert or put together a salad — ’cause there is no kitchen here!

Yesterday Inca and Chase went down to Los Lunas to visit Dr. Donny.  Chase’s elbows were re-xrayed because OFA didn’t like the angle at which they were originally filmed — not a problem with the elbows — more of a problem with the nut behind the wheel.  Inca was de-barked.  I feel terrible about it, but she is a constant yapper, and she has a pitch that makes your head ring.  So, Inca is now the silent Red Goddess.  Apparently there was a dog in season at the clinic.  Chase came home looking for someone to breed and it took until this morning for him to settle down.

Yesterday I spent a couple hours with the head District Attorney, the Chief Assistant, and the Deputy DA for Violent crimes.  This morning’s newspaper headline is “Police Dig for Body Under Garage”.  The attorney representing another party in the case and I met with clients and families until after 8:00 last night.  . . . dragging tired this morning.

The Phebes is going into her “I’m pregnant” routine.  Her loin is already filling in a bit, she is super loving, her coat gleams.  I hope she’s not just foolin’ around with me.  I’ll try to get a now photo to compare as we go along — it’s sort of a blogging tradition to show the ever widening midsection.

Holmes just keeps getting cuter.  He loves his puppy class — and everything else we do.  What a sweet little guy!  He still runs up the stairs every chance he gets.  He now weighs close to 20 pounds and carrying him downstairs is becoming a chore.  However, I stand two steps down, bend over and he throws his front paws around my neck to prepare for the ride.  I can’t be too angry. . . . except . . . I just found a couple of bras under the daybed.  I sort and fold laundry on it — lately I seem to store clean laundry on it — and some dogs stole some intimate garments and took them under the bed to play with.  I need to order more bras.

Another storm is moving in — should be here tonight.  Boy I wish there would be a huge snow storm and everything would shut down for a day.


  1. Amy says:

    I’m glad to hear there are positive pregger signs! The boys both looked nice, here is hoping that there are more than 2 for you this time. How far would she be?

  2. Taryn says:

    That first picture is great! It tells a full story.

  3. Red Dog Mom says:

    Both my red girls have been debarked. Gin was done before she came to me but, I had Moira done when she was very young. In both cases, the bark came back just at a more tolerable pitch. The most important things to remember are.

    1)If you take her to a different vet for any procedures that require going under, let them know she’s been debarked. They have to be more cautious with intubating a debarked dog.

    2) She can no longer tell you if something is wrong – an intruder, she’s in distress in another room, etc.

    I’m sure you’ve thought of all this though….

  4. Sandy says:

    Cute pics….I so hope you have your home finished soon…man, just like building a new one from scratch huh? Well, maybe.

    Give everyone, ‘specially the more quiet one, a hug from me.

  5. Sarah says:

    I have on my emergency dog sheet, and noted in bold on the info sheet I had notarized for who agrees to take this dog or that dog that Kane and Giz are debarked for intubating reasons. And I’m not sure how Dina’s girls aren’t loud enough to alert, because my two boys are affectionately known as “world’s loudest debarked dogs” and Kane has no problem with his tattle-tail duties at the house! The thing is that the bark doesn’t carry when they are outside, but I still think they are plenty loud inside! 🙂

  6. Sharrie Brockhaus says:

    Libby was our barker; but Zippy sure can get revved up. Little Beaver is working on being the noisy one for now. Scooter only barks when he needs something. Boy, can these dogs be different!

    Hope your project speeds up NOW!

  7. Alden says:

    Paws off your bras!

    I hope things slow down a bit….

  8. Red Dog Mom says:

    The bark came back on my girls and both have plenty of volume. Moira can be heard all over the neighborhood – her bark just isn’t as sharp any more. I don’t know what Gin’s bark was like originally but, in the 7+ years I’ve had her I know it’s gotten louder than when she first came home. I was referring to some debarked dogs that I’ve known or met – mostly Shelties – that are literally silent. They open their mouths and nothing comes out. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

  9. Lani says:

    Denzil wanted me to wish his sister Inca a quick recovery. He also says that he will do some barking on her behalf, and encourages her to use other vocalizations to get her point across.

  10. Jeanfrom MN says:

    The look on the boys faces say it all. Seems them red girl can make everyone take notice,

    Hope the remodel goes well and quickly. It is such a pain in the ****