Land of the Free – Home of the Brave & Phoebe

February 7, 2010

I can get into the kitchen, laundry room, half bath area again.  Although the washer and dryer are usable, there are no toilet, sinks, counters.  However the dog door has been installed on the inside of the house.  Today the dogs followed me into that area.  Inca and Phoebe looked askance at the new dog door.  It has a much neater profile, no huge frame (last one was supposed to be electronic), and the flaps are not clear.  Holmes, however, knew that was the dog door and out he went — to the relative freedom of the backyard where he’s not been for a month.  Once the ladies saw that the whippersnapper could navigate the new door, they were also out.  Note in this photo that the wall has a “peachy tone”.  It’s a white wall, but the accent wall is tinting everything around it.  By the end of the week, we should be back in the demolition area and the canine gang can once again avail itelf of the pleasures at the back of the house.

New dog door 2-7-2010

Meanwhile, this is day 20 since Phoebe ovulated.  Here’s how she looks from overhead.  I think her loin area is filling in — a good sign since last pregnancy there was little physical evidence until her fifth week — and she had only two puppies!  Today her girth measures 21-1/2″.  I’ll measure once a week — I don’t want to annoy her any more than that.

Phoebe midsection 2-7-2010


  1. Sandy says:

    Nice dog door….wish I had one but with all our rain and resulting MUD every paw must be wiped when it comes inside. Give you more chances to huge a big Greyhound though…and we both appreciate that.’

    Interested about your murder case. Anywhere to read real facts about it?

    • myeye says: — that’s the web site for our local rag which has been covering the story ad nauseum. Tomorrow morning they will have a story based on the interview I did with Channel 7. The interview will air tonight at 10:00 and then Channel 7 shares the story with the Journal.

      I keep a rug in front of the dog door when that part of the house is in use. That way the muddy fat feet get wiped off before they go through the rest of the house.

  2. Spiffy dog door — like something from IKEA!