Life in the Fast Lane

February 6, 2010

I spent yesterday working on the murder case.  The news is laden with mis-information about the case and my client.  I’ve chosen one television station with which to do an interview.  My client will be arraigned at 11:00 this morning and following that, I’ll meet with the news director and a reporter to straighten out some of the myths. More after my client’s initial appearance before a judge — yep we have Saturday and Sunday and Holiday arraignments here.

Yesterday I gave Chase a kiss on the nose and sent him off to Hobbs with friends who have Havanese and Tibetan Spaniels.  It sure is quiet around here without him.  I’ve decided not to send him to the Denver shows (eat $100+) because he has an assignation with a pretty brindle girl.  Optimum lift-off will occur while he’s at the shows.  I decided collecting and shipping was too much to ask of a friend who had only signed on to show him.  So, hopefully, there will be Chaselets in Washington State in April.

Inca’s de-bark seems to have been successful and it is so much quieter around here.  I’m having doubts that Holmes’ legs will ever be long enough to permit him to go downstairs.  Carrying down is becoming very tricky because he likes to lick his ride.  Stop it — you little cutie!

Alone at the top of the stairs 2-6-2010Alone at the top — Guys, don’t leave me here

The painter finished in the kitchen yesterday.  I love the accent wall color — it’s soft and glowing.  I love it despite its name “Patty Cake”.  The construction people have seen my mental health slowly deteriorate as the weeks-without-a-kitchen wear on.  So yesterday when the painting was completed, they hooked up the washer and dryer for me.  They will be moved out of the way so molding can be installed, but they were kind enough to bring them back piecemeal.  I’ll call the head guy on Monday and thank him until he is embarrassed to tears — because I was reduced to tears when I was able to wash a load of clothing in my own home last night.  Of course, I washed underwear because my supply has been significantly impacted by the furry underwear thieves.

Kitchen accent wall 2-6-2010The corner in the kitchen (flash)

Bath accent - natural light 2-6-2010The bathroom accent wall in the morning light


  1. Jean from NM says:

    The best you can say, I guess, is that at least life isn’t boring. You could only hope, huh? Good luck with all that’s going on in your life!

    Note to Holmes: She doesn’t need a bath, Baddog. The shower still works. 🙂

  2. mandy says:

    Oh, who is the girl? Someone close enough for me to see puppies? Of course anywhere in WA state is close compared to seeing his current 2 sons…

    (email me if it’s private!)

  3. Ooo, WA Chaselets! Good luck 🙂

  4. Taryn says:

    Oooooh, nice color for your kitchen!

    Jimmy didn’t figure out going down stairs til close to a year old! Fortunately he is a small male and only weighed in at around 30 pounds at that age. Both boys still love to be carried UP stairs when they are sleepy!

  5. I know *exactly* what you mean about wanting to kiss the guy who cares enough to give you a temporary fix that makes your life so much better.

    Our garage is one corner of our fence. So — no garage = no fence.

    When we had the garage replaced, it was weeks and weeks between the teardown and having a garage in place, and even after there was a garage, the fence bits connecting the garage to the rest of the yard were gone.

    I had to walk the boys Every Single Time they went out. Buzz’s poor front structure (dragging front toes from side to front on every step) meant that his front toenails were worn down to the quick………….

    One day the carpenter put up large hunks of plywood to block the openings.

    As you say — I was in tears with gratitude.

    And da boyz were very glad to be able to be in Their Own Yard for a change!

    Hoping with you that they are able to finish up your reconstruction asap!