Very Close To Finished

February 19, 2010

This morning I used paint thinner to clean up smears of Liquid Nail — those highly paid construction guys don’t have to clean as they go.  Fah!  The new faucet has a pull out spout, but the plumber plugged the dishwasher in through the middle of the faucet coil — so I had only four inches to pull out.  Down on the floor, flashlight under the sink — sure enough.  I unplugged the dishwasher, and plugged it outside the loop of faucet coil.  Duh!

But!  We are down to needing toe kicks, deep drawers inside one cabinet, a half shelf, a couple of spacers, and paint on the upper cabinets in the laundry room.  The doors on the new cabinets are not an exact match to the old, so Tim will take them away next week and run his router down the edges.  I put away two boxes of miscellaneous stuff.  There are four boxes to go, but I need the drawers and a shelf to get the contents where they belong.  The switch for the oven light was broken while my range was stored — the light is now on, and only on.  I’ll get the contractor to fix it next week.  The front yard still needs to be weeded, the umbrella and chairs for the back must be hosed down.  I still have four or so hours before Tom and Carolyn arrive so I can get it done!

Here are some before and during and after photos.  The dogs preferred the part where there were no cabinets or appliances in the way of their fun:

empty empty emptyEmpty, Empty, Empty

It is a speedway 2-15-2009It’s a dog race track

Should be a vanity hereShould be a vanity right here

There once was a toiletThere once was a toilet on the ground floor

The sink will be here - someday 2-15-2010There will be a sink here (and a new water line)

new deep sinking sitting in counter top 2-17-2010It’s a deep sink — just sitting in its counter top space

New sink - a different lookIt’s all hooked up — the new look

New bathroom vanityA peek at the new bathroom vanity


  1. Jean from NM says:

    It looks SO nice, Penni. And the timing is perfect, even if you may be running around like a mad woman. Maybe Tom and Carolyn will bring you a little green alien to set on the vanity. Or better yet, the kitchen window. 🙂

  2. Sharrie Brockhaus says:

    Thank heavens for small favors. Glad you now have some semblance of order. Enjoy your guests!

  3. Lani says:

    It looks nice, Penni! And how nice it must be for you to be almost done with it all! BTW – your countertops look exactly like our kitchen counters – good choice!

  4. Getting there!!!!! Almost done!!!!!

    It looks great. Having it done will feel SO good!

    and — Holmes is SO cute. What an adorable baby!