a March 11th, 2010

  1. So, Who Gets This Box?

    March 11, 2010 by myeye

    Chase to Ginger 3-11-2010

    May 10th?

  2. Kip Update

    March 11, 2010 by myeye

    I just spoke with Dr. Rose (noon mountain time).  Kip has movement in his right rear leg — which is VERY positive this soon after surgery.  We are trying to schedule a hospital visit so Sarah and Jill and I fully understand all the recovery needs.  Kip can stay at the hospital on “medical resident” status until he reaches a recovery point at which his family is able to comfortably work with him.  We have a mobile vet here who does acupuncture, and I am checking on canine water therapy facilities.  Both the acupuncture and the water therapy speed recovery.  Kip’s family has an indoor pool, but I’m not sure they’ll want to be filling the filter with corgi hair — we’ll see.

    So, your prayers and good thoughts are having a great impact.  Thanks to all of you.