a March 19th, 2010

  1. The Hurrier I Go . . .

    March 19, 2010 by myeye

    . . . the behinder I get.  I talked with one of the 48 Hours producers for nearly two hours today.  The story behind the murder case is so compelling — you may be seeing it on television.  These long phone conversations, and one of their people flying in for a meeting, sound like down time for my practice.  Whether we sign on truly depends only on the value to my client.  Regardless of that time out of my day, I promised other things that will get done.

    This weekend is the final proofing for the CWCCA Handbook — a paper copy will be here in the morning with my FedEx man.  Adrienne will be here in the morning and since today is Holmes half-birthday (6 months old), we must take some photos.  I’m spending a few minutes every day working Chase in Novice Obedience.  Tonight at run-throughs he was just super — he would have Q’ed in the high 180s or low 190s.  He sits in a chair waiting for his turn and watching all the other dogs put through their paces.  I think he’s critiquing.  We have two months before he must have it all put together — I think we’ll be ready.

    I want to stop by to see Kip this weekend and lend moral support.  Kip’s showing a little movement in his tail as well as in his rear legs.  Sarah said when that tail’s awaggin’ we’ll know he’s recovered.

    Once again I-40 east of Albuquerque is closed due to another winter storm.  I’m so ready for spring — this has been a long, long winter, but our farmers should have plenty of water for the growing season.

    Photos tomorrow.