a March 28th, 2010

  1. Today’s Magic

    March 28, 2010 by myeye

    This just in:

    Magic sez: “Penni and Chase — What have you done to me?  I am having trouble standing on all 4’s.”  This is definitely the wide-body model.

    Magic wide body 3-28-2010

    Poor Paula and Eric.  I beg for photos of pregnant Magic.  Here are today’s offerings:

    pretty face 3-28-2010Such a cute face

    I’m thinking that when you breed a couch/bed dog (Magic) to a couch/bed dog (Chase), the puppies will have certain expectations that must be met.

    3-28-10 Magic blue bowDue around Tax Day

    The ultrasound suggested there were at least seven puppies.  She has more than two weeks to haul this bundle of babies around.  I cannot wait for the final count AND to see puppy pictures.

    Thank you for humoring this Dog G-Ma!

  2. Sunday Morning Cartoon – Chase and Holmes

    March 28, 2010 by myeye

  3. I Wish I Had Stock — Another Edition

    March 28, 2010 by myeye

    I have always used a Dremel to trim nails.  Unfortunately, the darned batteries get “over-charged” and then won’t hold a charge that lasts for more than one dog (and it better be a dog that holds still).  So, I started looking for an option.  The Pet-i-cure and Dremel’s pet nail grinder don’t rotate at a high enough speed.  What I found is the Dremel Stylus.  It has a Lithium Ion battery, fully charges in two to three hours, stops charging when it is at maximum, and holds the charge for two years (I wouldn’t know that yet because I’ve only had it for a month).  The rpm is variable from 5,000 to 25,000, and the on/off control is at the front.

    Dremel Stylus in charger 3-28-2010In its charger

    Dremel Stylus w charger 3-28-2010Next to the charger

    It’s very light weight and can be held like a pencil — or you can use the pistol grip.  Since it arrived, we’ve been making short work of nails — and the dogs don’t complain nearly as much as they did with the old one.  Amazon had the best price I found (about $70 with no shipping cost).

    . . . I wish I had stock . . .

  4. Holmes Can Jump on All the Furniture

    March 28, 2010 by myeye

    Since I reported Holmes’ safe landing in the club chair, his world has expanded to the top of other furniture.  He likes the view and he likes the comfort — besides, it’s where his dad often can be found.

    I thought the couch was for people 3-27-2010Dad said it’s okay

    Here under my own power 3-27-2010This isn’t a problem is it?

    I dont have to move -- do I 3-27-2010You won’t make me get off, will you?