a March 29th, 2010

  1. Beautiful Blogger Award

    March 29, 2010 by myeye

    We were gifted by Dennis the Vizsla Dog on his Sunday Awards and Meem Show.


    Someone at Elyan must tell seven beautiful things about herself.  That would be Inca, the Red Goddess:

    1. I am a stunning natural redhead.
    2. I have beautiful brown eyes.
    3. I am the empress of all I survey.
    4. Chase and Holmes bow before my beauty
    5. I like to herd sheep (and goats and ducks)
    6. I sleep on the furniture during the day and on the bed with Penni at night
    7. I am always hungry, but that’s how I keep my svelte figure.
    8. Thank you Dennis for acknowledging my beauty.
      Since all my blogging friends are beautiful, I offer the award to any of them that can think of seven beautiful things to say about themselves.

      Full body sit-up Bosque 11-08-08

  2. The Daily Corgi Features Baddogs

    March 29, 2010 by myeye

    Laurie over at The Daily Corgi decided to begin this week by featuring a group of Baddogs.  They just-so-happen to be the Baddogs on which I dote every day.  Thanks Laurie for bragging on the furry kids.  Janet was right — on March 14th she noted some owners just cannot help gushing about their four-legged (with tail) household members.