Holmes Can Jump on All the Furniture

March 28, 2010

Since I reported Holmes’ safe landing in the club chair, his world has expanded to the top of other furniture.  He likes the view and he likes the comfort — besides, it’s where his dad often can be found.

I thought the couch was for people 3-27-2010Dad said it’s okay

Here under my own power 3-27-2010This isn’t a problem is it?

I dont have to move -- do I 3-27-2010You won’t make me get off, will you?

1 Comment

  1. Tony says:

    I remember when Dixie couldn’t even get up the front stairs. I had to put a brick on each step so she had inbetween steps. Her 1st conquest after the stairs without bricks was the couch. Now she even gets on the beds, until she’s caught there then she makes a quick escape.