Kip Update

March 11, 2010

I just spoke with Dr. Rose (noon mountain time).  Kip has movement in his right rear leg — which is VERY positive this soon after surgery.  We are trying to schedule a hospital visit so Sarah and Jill and I fully understand all the recovery needs.  Kip can stay at the hospital on “medical resident” status until he reaches a recovery point at which his family is able to comfortably work with him.  We have a mobile vet here who does acupuncture, and I am checking on canine water therapy facilities.  Both the acupuncture and the water therapy speed recovery.  Kip’s family has an indoor pool, but I’m not sure they’ll want to be filling the filter with corgi hair — we’ll see.

So, your prayers and good thoughts are having a great impact.  Thanks to all of you.


  1. Dawn says:

    So glad that there is good news for Kip. More prayers that the recovery continues to go wonderfully.

  2. Jean says:

    Prays and Good thought for all involved. Hope that everyday brings more good news for Kip

  3. Holly says:

    I am so glad to read this!!

  4. For Traum’s water recovery, since we don’t have any local water therapy places, I was able to get a BIG sterelite bin (about 1 1/2 as long as him) and use that for water therapy. He swam before he went down in the back, so it was easy to get him used to this. I was able to put it in the bathtub to fill it up. Has come in REALLY handy! Pain in the bottom to fill, but worth it. Most feedstores have something like this.

    This summer if I wanted I could even take it outside for him (And may), but most his recovery has been in the colder months so we’ve stuck to inside, and warm water. If Kip is clicker trained she should easily be able to start him on short sessions, and build up. the ONLY uncomfortable thing is that I have to hold his body stationary. If her back is old and worn (As mine often feels) she may want to enlist a neighbor or someone. I use a harness for Traum, so I can easily hold him back from hitting his legs on the front of the bin.

    One plus is he should need water therapy about the time weather is perfect for outdoor swimming, so she could say, get a livestock waterer, fill it up, and cover it with a tarp between uses to save water. Plastic bins, or livestock waterers are not too costly, so easy to pick up if you can transport them.

    I’m so thrilled to hear he’s doing so well. Go Kip, you tough little dog you!

  5. Oh and I wanted to add, I just put a chair next to the tub so I can sit down and hold Traum while he swims. I use hotdogs as his treats, so it’s simply looked at like any other training task.

    I’ll see if after finals I can put together a video of this to be helpful for others wanting to do water rehab!

  6. Lani says:

    So glad to hear that the surgery went well. I hope Kip has a speedy and full recovery. The Trio says Kip deserves all the pats and TREATS he can handle.

  7. Kathy says:

    Go Kip…thinking lots of good thoughts for you sweet boy!