Kip’s Back Home

March 16, 2010

Sarah just called me.  She and Jim and Jill decided Kip needed to be at home.  This morning Sarah went to the Vet Hospital and learned how to help Kip with his rehab.  He’s limited until his stitches come out next week, but there are some things that can be done.  She took him home in the late morning.  She had him outside this afternoon, soaking up the sun in the yard and barking at the birds.  Kip thinks keeping birds out of the yard is one of his jobs.  He’s using his back legs a little when she puts him in the sling and he’s going to the bathroom on his own.  He’ll start hydrotherapy and acupuncture next week.

The same night that Kip went down, one of my friend’s Pems died.  She was in for disk surgery also, aspirated vomit, it became pneumonia and she died.  Stitch was a splendid obedience and herding dog.  I feel so badly for Ellen even as I am so grateful that Kip is okay.  More reports on his progress later in the week.  Still soliciting good thoughts for the Kipster.


  1. Kathy says:

    Oh, how nice that Kip got to go home. I am sure he’s a lot happier there. Many good wishes to you Kip for a smooth/speedy recovery!

    So sad about Stitch – what a shame. It makes you grateful for every day we have with them. So many people told me that Bart was “too old” when I adopted him at the age of five years. With him, I always thought, “Every day is a gift.” Well, he showed the doubters by living to be nearly seventeen years old. Nonetheless, we never know what the future holds. I am sure Ellen has many moments with Stitch to treasure. Sounds like she was a great dog!

  2. Kim says:

    What wonderful news to hear that Kip can be cared for at home. We will continue to send our very best thoughts forward for Kip’s healing.

    How hard it is to lose one of our beloved companions. No words of comfort are truly adequate for the pain of the loss. Prayers of comfort going forward for Stitch’s family.

  3. C-Myste says:

    It’s really good that Kip is already able to “potty” on his own. Expressing the bladder with Juneau was a real pain, though it did build strong finger muscles.

    I was so sad to hear about Ellen’s Pem.

  4. Jean from NM says:

    I was so sorry to learn about Stitch, but that’s great news that Kip is home. And we know he’ll heal faster there. Ditto with Jim. They can recuperate together. You go, guys! Prayers and good thoughts continue all the way around.

  5. Sandy says:

    Waaaaaaaaay to go dude…keep up the good work, Kip!

  6. Tony says:

    Hi Penni, I haven’t visited you blog for a while as I just discovered that I had forgotten to put you in my RSS Reader since I returned to blogging. (Sorry) You’re in there now so I will be able to keep up with your posts more regularly now. If I don’t RSS all the blogs I like to visit my memory lets me down. Apologies for forgetting you again 🙂