What Baddogs Do When I’m Not Looking

March 22, 2010

Saturday and yesterday I worked at proofreading the CWCCA Handbook.  (You will be so impressed with Cathy and Holly’s work.)  That meant I was moving around the house — reading and marking up, then to the computer.  When you are not paying attention to baddogs, stuff happens.

Sleeping on Dad 3-22-2010Awww!  Daddy lets little Holmes sleep on him

Rug pad chips 3-22-2010This is not nearly as sweet — HOLMES!

Who could have done this 3-22-2010Was I not supposed to do this?  It was really fun!


  1. Holly says:

    Thank you Penni for all your hard work too! Without a great staff, we could not have done this!

    Now Holmes on the other hand…

  2. Traci says:

    I believe I have a picture of Holmes’ cousin looking equally as naughty 😉 Little turkey puppy!!!!!

    And too, thanks for the hard work on the Handbook. I can’t wait to get my copy!!!

  3. C-Myste says:

    Uh oh.

    You didn’t notice how quiet everything was? Usually a bad sign.

  4. Laurie Eno says:

    Holmes, you RASCAL!

    It’s a good thing you’re so cute, otherwise you might get yourself in Really Big Trouble.

    See you soon on The Daily Corgi, with your family!

    Laurie Eno

  5. “I invited Dennis over and he did it.”

  6. Kathy says:

    OK, now I don’t feel quite so bad about the job Sage did on my couch…and my carpet…and my carpet…and my carpet…

  7. Tony says:

    That does look a bit naughty. Thank goodness Dixie is out of the chewing everything stage. Every cushion on the couch has the corners chewed off