a April 13th, 2010

  1. A Quick Pupdate – Photos Added

    April 13, 2010 by myeye

    puppy pile 4-13-2010An official puppy pile

    Milk bar 4-13-2010Here’s a good view of “Two Dot” (and siblings) at the milk bar

    Magic watching babies 4-13-2010Keep watching those babies, Magic

    For now, here are the litter names:

    Two Dot, Sparrow, Alice (after grandma), April (after great grandma), T-Bone, Sweetheart, Lucky and Buck.  Of course these aren’t keeper names but Alice reminds Eric and Paula of the puppy’s Grandma Alice (Chase’s mom).  She is the darkest one with white collar and almost a spot on the head.  Another girl is Sparrow, very dark with a white bird-like mark on her neck.  I’ll try to get more description on the others so you know who you are admiring.  (Two Dot is pretty obvious.)

    If you need another peek at the pedigree, it’s here.

    The entire gang started out in the 10 oz. range, but are up to 11 and 12 ounces today.  They’ll be running the ranch in no time.

  2. Chase – Tired Papa

    April 13, 2010 by myeye

    Chase came to work with me today.  I had no idea how worn down he was from waiting for his and Magic’s puppies to arrive.  I was working away at the computer, turned around, and there he was — exhausted on the desk.  Part of his complete relaxation may have to do with Holmes being absent from the office.

    Taryn asked a question about Chase-on-the-desk that I thought I’d answer in the post.  Chase has always liked to go UP.  That is his preferred direction.  Since he was a youngster, he has seen chairs, end tables, and boxes as shortcuts to higher locations.  I’ve been bringing him to the office since he was a puppy.  He uses the seat of a client chair as the springboard to my desk.  He’s very athletic/graceful and can land amidst the papers and books without moving any of them.  I often turn back from the computer to see him smiling at me from the desk top.  I’m sure the training folk think I should correct him, but he’s the best company — so I put up with it (read: “enjoy it!).

    Laying it out there 4-13-2010Fatherhood takes a lot out of a dog

    Chase at work 4-13-2010PLEASE, don’t make me get up