a April 18th, 2010

  1. Magic/Chase Puppies on Paul Revere Day

    April 18, 2010 by myeye

    Eric must have spent the day putting these photo groupings together.  Thank you so much.  Here is how the babies look on this Sunday.  Click on the panels to enlarge them.  NOTE:  SWEETHEART IS A MALE — JUST AN ERROR IN THE PANEL LABELING.

    Alice Sweetheart 4-18-2010Alice and Sweetheart

    Sparrow Lucky T-Bone 4-18-2010Sparrow, Lucky, and T-Bone

    Two-Dot Buck April 4-18-2010Buck, Two-Dot, and April

  2. It’s Just a Match, but . . .

    April 18, 2010 by myeye

    I like to find out how we are doing by going to fun matches before I spend $27 to enter a show.  So this morning the two boy baddogs and I packed up appropriate leashes and treats.  We went to the Golden Retriever Fun Match at the park that is 10 minutes from our house (how very convenient!).

    I had pre-entered Holmes in conformation and Chase in Novice B obedience.  My friend Bonnie was supposed to show Holmes (since she agreed to show him at the May cluster), but she didn’t appear.  So, I arranged to be last into the Novice ring while I showed the baby.  Holmes was so very good, and looked ever so nice.  He won the Puppy Herding Group and was in contention for Best in Match against a Newfie — talk about contrast.  We were there for the practice, so not winning wasn’t an issue at all.  However afterward, the judge came to find me at the Obedience ring to tell me that Holmes was the winner, but the man with the Newfie had never been in conformation before and she wanted to encourage him.  She said she could tell I’d been showing a long time, but wanted me to know that she thought little Holmes was a beautiful puppy.  It was nice of her to go out of her way to track me down.  It turns out we’ve had a handler in common, so had a nice chat.

    Then she stayed ringside at obedience and watched Chase earn a qualifying score.  It was REALLY HARD for him.  You know he thinks with the end that has no ears, so the smells on the grass were amazing.  On the recall, he came galloping straight in — until he realized the judge next door was one of our friends.  He made a detour to stick his nose through the ring gates to goose her, and then finished the recall.  On the heel free, he was doing way too much sniffing and had to run to get back in position at about turns.  He did the stand for exam with only minor front foot movement.  Absolutely solid sits and downs, lagged a little on the figure-8 outside position.

    We are entered in another match next Sunday (at the same nearby park).  If we can survive the grass to qualify in obedience at the matches, I think we’ll be fine at the indoor trials.  Holmes — well, he doesn’t care — let’s go, mom, let’s say hi to the nice people.  I can just stand here and look pretty.  Do you like my pretty teeth?  What an easy baby.

    . . . now it’s clouding up, but I don’t care because we are home.

  3. On the Eighteenth of April . . .

    April 18, 2010 by myeye

    in ’75,  hardly a man is now alive who remembers that famous day and year, and the midnight ride of Paul Revere.

    I’ve always thought that this day should be our National Independence Day.  Just think about it — a mad dash through the dark on horseback, warning the colonists that the British were coming.  In my mind, that beats the heck out of a bunch of gouty men in a smoke-filled room, signing papers.

    So every year on this day, in my heart, I salute the good things about my country.  There are many — even in this time of economic downturn.  This morning, I (a woman) am free to walk from my home unescorted, to drive a car, to take my dogs to a park to play.  I am free to own a home, to hold a professional license.  Perhaps most importantly, I am free to agree or to disagree with those that hold office — whether or not I voted for them.  I have enough food, I have clean drinking water, I have access to all manner of communication devices.  I know where to find my family members.  I have books, I have clothing.  I may choose my friends and select my enemies.  I am permitted to (and damned well should) vote for those who will govern my country.

    Though there are none alive who remember that midnight ride, there are many of us who should commemorate it.