A Friday That’s Too Full

April 30, 2010

First, I just learned that Chase’s half sister the beautiful Dolly (CAN BIS/CAN CH/AM CH* Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid) was Winners Bitch for the second year in a row at the CWCCA Nationals to finish her AKC Championship with three 5-point majors (two of them at the Nationals — wow).  How Amazing is that?  We may have to send a construction crew up to Ontario to extricate Shelley’s head from the ceiling.

I got up at 4:30, left the house at 5:30, got to Las Vegas a 7:55, testified at 9:00, left the courthouse at 9:30, and made my noon appointment, which just finished up.  I have a 6:30 appointment, a 7:00 dog club meeting, and am picking Leidy up at the airport at 11:00 (yes — PM) — oh, and Adrienne is spending the night!  Tomorrow we are going to pack up Chase’s TV dinners.

A word about being a witness.  When you are the lawyer, you know how all the little pieces of evidence should fit.  When you are the witness, you just know the part you know.  Everything else is a mystery.  I have no idea whether the puzzle piece I provided fit with all the other puzzle pieces.  I expect my client will call me with a result  though that will probably not be until Monday.

I took two pictures between 7:55 and 8:00 when the courthouse door was unlocked.  The first is of the courthouse — it’s new and boring.  The second is of the older church across the street.  I didn’t have time to go explore it and take more photos.  Las Vegas was a big railroad town at the turn of the century and has a very large section of Victorian homes.  I need to go up, visit my sister, and wander around with my camera.

San Miguel County Courthouse

Curch Across the Street - Las Vegas NM


  1. Sandy says:

    Pretty church…and I’m guessing you are talking about the “turn of the century”, two turns ago? No money to make courthouses pretty anymore I guess.

  2. Shelley says:

    Thank you Penni for the congrats 🙂 But you missed TWO titles!!

    She is now (pending CKC and AKC confirmation!)
    BIS Am Ch./Cdn GRAND Ch. Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid, CGN We worked hard for that GrCh and not so hard for the CGN (I spent 5 minutes teaching her to stay) 😉