. . . and About the Dogs At Home

April 16, 2010

I’ve been posting irresistible puppy photos and not talking much about my homedogs.

We have lots going on because I am playing training catch up.  Chase will be entered in breed at the Rio Grande/Coronado Kennel Clubs cluster in mid-May.  At this point in his show career, we don’t have to do  much for conformation except grooming.  Now obedience, on the other hand, requires some focus and lots of practice.  There seems to be a shortage of both around here.  So Chase and I have been behind the 8-ball, trying to recover lost ground.  Wednesday we did a Novice run-through and Chase would have qualified.  Tonight we did another run-through, and again we would have Q’ed (with an even higher score).  Chase tries so hard to do what I ask and after the run-throughs this week, I can feel a lot better about all the entry money.

Holmes is another case altogether.  He’ll now stand still while we look at his pretty scissors bite, and (fortunately) he sets his front feet by himself.  However, he shares an affliction with his dad.  When a person comes walking up, the tail just has to wag, and sometimes that starts moving the body — next thing you know, we are not stacked at all.

There is a match this Sunday and again next Sunday.  Both boys are going to the rehearsals.  Fingers crossed that they are prepared for the real event.  I’m ready to put “CD” after Chase’s name, and to see if baby Holmes is a show puppy.

Inca is just glad that she’s off the hook for this series of shows.


  1. Red Dog Mom says:

    Ahh, the curse of the happy tail. Differentiated from the “gay” tail by side to side movement that wags the dog, as opposed to being hoisted high enough to reveal boy parts in those dogs not blessed with full pants. Sam too has a happy tail. His first show as a special, the judge had to catch and hold his tail so she could check his boy parts – this after he inadvertently blocked her hand several times as he expressed his pleasure at being the center of her attention.
    Oftentimes, the happy tail is accompanied by the happy dance or hop. Wherein the front half of the dog begins to bounce upon the judge’s approach – again ruining the careful stacking job of the handler.
    Still rather have a happy dog than one who melts on the table.

    • myeye says:

      I can still blush with embarrassment when I think of Chase in Stud Dog Class at last year’s National Specialty. I had him on the table, Jon Kimes was approaching, Chase was measuring. As soon as the Judge was within reach, Chase lashed out and wrapped his tongue around Jon’s chin. Oh, man — stammer, stammer, “I’m so sorry. He’s pretty affectionate.” Jon with no hesitation said, “It’s nice to see a Cardi like this.” However, in the Brood Bitch class, as he approached Chase, he said, “I know THIS dog.” He sort of leaned away while examining him.