Both Boys At the Office

April 3, 2010

What was I thinking (as Dr. Phil would say)?  I took both Chase and Holmes to work with me.  All they do is frap non-stop.  I had picked up office supplies, thrown them on the loveseat, and Holmes made himself a nest amidst the files and envelopes.  It’s lucky most of my clients are detained in local jails and never see the chaos from which their defense emanates.

Don’t feel sorry for Inca.  She LOVES being home without the bad boys.

Chase-Holmes wrestling 4-3-2010

Holmes w-office supplies 4-2-2010


  1. Tony says:

    Did they help close any big cases for you? Someone looks like they’re ready to take care of the filing

  2. Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they bark at you …