Chase – Tired Papa

April 13, 2010

Chase came to work with me today.  I had no idea how worn down he was from waiting for his and Magic’s puppies to arrive.  I was working away at the computer, turned around, and there he was — exhausted on the desk.  Part of his complete relaxation may have to do with Holmes being absent from the office.

Taryn asked a question about Chase-on-the-desk that I thought I’d answer in the post.  Chase has always liked to go UP.  That is his preferred direction.  Since he was a youngster, he has seen chairs, end tables, and boxes as shortcuts to higher locations.  I’ve been bringing him to the office since he was a puppy.  He uses the seat of a client chair as the springboard to my desk.  He’s very athletic/graceful and can land amidst the papers and books without moving any of them.  I often turn back from the computer to see him smiling at me from the desk top.  I’m sure the training folk think I should correct him, but he’s the best company — so I put up with it (read: “enjoy it!).

Laying it out there 4-13-2010Fatherhood takes a lot out of a dog

Chase at work 4-13-2010PLEASE, don’t make me get up

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  1. Taryn says:

    Did he get up on your desk all by himself? That’s where he likes to sleep?