Easter Egg Hunt?

April 21, 2010

Chase is at the office.  He has paced ever since we arrived because he has a piece of dried trachea.  It’s healthy and it helps keep his teeth clean.  He loves the trachea.  However, today he doesn’t want to chew on it — at least not now — so he is looking for a place to store his prize.  He has (so far) hidden it under a pile of magazines — put the trachea down and then pushed the magazines over on it, under the computer wires under the desk, between the cushions of the loveseat, wrapped in the pad in the crate I keep here, rolled in the little rug in the bathroom, under a bookcase, behind the dog bed.  Not one of those places has been satisfactory, so he continues to pace looking for the perfect hiding spot.  It doesn’t really matter where he puts it because tomorrow Holmes is the Office Dog.  He will promptly find the prize and chew it up.  Take that, Chase!

Chase Burying3 4-21

I almost forgot to mention that this morning when putting the coffee away, a dozen or so beans spilled onto the kitchen floor.  Chase immediately vacuumed them up — perhaps I’m seeing a caffeine high.


  1. C-Myste says:

    Um, yeah. Chase’s sister has been known to vacuum up coffee beans as well. And they sure have an effect on her!

  2. Tony says:

    When I 1st started reading this I thought Chase had a medical throat problem, a dried trachea. Then I realised what it was as I read on… What a silly old man I am sometimes…
    Food just has to be in the right spot. We buy Dixie piggy ears & she is the same trying to find the perfect hiding spot, even she is the only dog in the house & it’s not like Michelle or myself want to chew it