On The Daily Corgi There Appears

April 24, 2010

the Chase-Man as the Saturday Smiler.  Since he is my everyday smiler, I don’t mind sharing him at all.  Thanks for showing him off, Laurie.



  1. Laurie says:

    Thanks for sharing Chase and all his handsomeness with The Daily Corgi!!! He’s classic Cardi irresistibleness.

    🙂 Laurie

  2. Tony says:

    He sure is smiley, Congratulations Chase on your being chosen as Saturday Smiler. I tried to leave this comment there but as so often happens Blogger took soooo long to reload the page so I could leave a comment that I closed the browser page. I always have trouble with Blogger page load times, maybe I need a faster internet but I have no trouble with other websites. Who knows???