Peach Blossoms

April 3, 2010

Today I received what I believe is very, very good news.  I’ll share next week when it’s confirmed.  Since I can’t show you what that good news is about, here are some blossoms from my peach tree.  It finally feels a little bit like spring.  Though we will have no apples falling into the yard in the fall (my neighbor butchered his tree), we will have some delicious peaches!

Spray Peach Blossom 4-3-2010

Peach Blossom spray1 4-3-2010

Peach Blossom 4-3-2010

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  1. Hulo Missus Penny & orl the Korgy puppys, hey we had wun of thowse prity trees but silly Daddy went ovabord wen he woz prooning it & it went ded becorz it woz ownlee wun yeer old & koodent tayk the shok ov wot Daddy dun to it so we kut it up & yoozd it for the fyr wood pyl
    Yor tree is very prity wiv orl the pink flowers & it shor is prityer than owrs wich is in the wood pyl wayting for winta to be bernt