Sparrow and Buck This Morning

April 21, 2010

This morning Paula was trying to get out the door to go to work, but how do you ignore these cute babies?

Buck 4-21-2010What a darling face

Sparrow w Paula 4-21-2010Sparrow with Paula’s hand

Sparrow Face Shot 4-21-2010Sparrow’s Cute Face


  1. C-Myste says:

    Aargh . . . death by cuteness overload.

    Hmmm, how come I’m trying to make a blue girl for myself and I keep seeing all of these red/sable faces calling out to me. So I guess I need another blue and another red, and I promised Louise that I’d save room for another black-on-black.

    And this is how we get ourselves into trouble.

  2. Dawn says:

    You know what gets me, really gets me, those teeny tiny little claws on those little pink toes… OMG so darling.

  3. Death by cute overload is right.

    Oh my.

    That first little face.

    I’m ready to get on a plane, and I don’t even know where to go!


    (agreeing 100% about the teensy claws on the ittybitty paws)