a May 4th, 2010

  1. Dogs in the Front Yard 5-4-2010

    May 4, 2010 by myeye

    I don’t let the dogs out in the front courtyard because the few remaining flowering plants would go the way of their ancestors.  Today, however, I spotted an iris in full bloom, grabbed the camera, opened the front door and everyone escaped.

    Bronze iris close-up 5-3-2010The bloom that started it all

    Holmes Smelling the Iris - blog - 5-3-2010Holmes says, “So, what does it do?”

    Chase watching his son 5-3-2010Chase keeps track of the boy

    Leidy 5-3-2010Leidy asks if it might be dinner time

    Come on in - Inca - 5-3-2010Inca says, “It is dinner time.  Come in.”

  2. Ring Times For Chase May 14 through 18

    May 4, 2010 by myeye


    Sat     Ring 4   12:30 PM
    Sun    Ring 6    9:05 AM
    Mon  Ring 5    9:15 AM
    Tue    Ring 5   11:00 AM

    Novice B

    Fri                   1:00 PM
    Sat     Ring 12    8:00 AM
    Sun    Ring 12    8:00 AM
    Mon   Ring 10  11:20 AM

    Stand-alone trial on Friday and no obedience on Tues

    AMAZING — it looks like the only potential conflict is on Sunday (well maybe Monday as well), but it’s likely I can get through Novice B before they start Cardigan judging — or through Cardigans before Novice B begins.  Usually, I have 8:00 ring times for both obedience and for conformation.  That causes shortness of breath, heart palpitations — things that may disturb the obedience dog.  So, we really have the opportunity to get Chase’s CD and to make it to our conformation classes.