a May 8th, 2010

  1. Puppy Photos for Mothers’ Day

    May 8, 2010 by myeye

    Magic sent these photos this evening for our Mothers Day pleasure.

    Catching a few ZZZZCatching a few ZZZZZ

    Did you say dinnerDid you say food?

    Turn Us Loose -- we'll be goodLet us out — we’ll be good.  We promise!

    Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 5-8-2010Let sleeping dogs lie.

  2. Getting Ready to Show

    May 8, 2010 by myeye

    Although the show cluster doesn’t begin until Friday, I have this need to get organized.  This is the first time in many years that I’ve had more than one dog with which to deal.  I did nails again today.  I’m a nail snob anyway, and when a show is coming I get paranoid.  Chase really is shedding so I’m trying to keep him brushed out — start getting that coat rotated.  I’m brushing Leidy daily to encourage her coat to come back in (she was in season a few weeks ago).

    The puppy is just what he is.  It looks like he’ll keep this coat at least through next weekend, and his nails are nice and neat.  He has clean young-dog teeth.  What I’m going to do for him is to visit the car wash.  With puppy Chase, I found the indoor shows with the PA systems and carts rolling around and sound reverberating between the walls, resulted in sensory overload.  The closest thing I can think of to replicate that cacophony is the car wash.  The car goes through the water/brush/blow dryer part and the dog and I go sit in the waiting area that is alongside the washing part.  You cannot hear yourself think, the dog cannot identify the source of the noise.  We bring lots of treats and have a car wash party.  It desensitizes them.  Not to mention that when one opens any door of my car, hair wafts through the air.  If you sit in my car, your clothing is redecorated.  So, this is a dual purpose visit.

    Holmes and Leidy will be groomed on Thursday morning; at noon, I move our crates into our reserved space.  Friday, Chase and I show in Novice B at 1:00.  Later that afternoon, Chase will be bathed and groomed.  Saturday morning it’s Novice B at 8:00 and Cardis around noon.  I hope to leave Holmes in the handlers’ set-up so he won’t know where he is (he’s a bit of a Momma’s boy), and go to ringside after Winners (hopefully he’ll be in Winners).  Then it just rolls . . .

    I found what I’m going to use as a show equipment bag.  It has lots of pockets.  I bought a brindle cardigan patch on ebay and sewed it on to the bag — well, here, look for yourselves:

    Show bag - pocket open

    Inside it has lots of compartments — open and zippered.  It’s really a $25 overnight bag from Target, so also has a shoulder strap.  It’s cotton canvas lined with a light beige smooth cotton, so should last far beyond the point where it is disgustingly dirty.  The light interior makes it easier to find items.

    We’re ready for the shows (at least in my mind).