a May 14th, 2010

  1. First Time Outside — Chase/Magic Puppies

    May 14, 2010 by myeye

    First, let me say I see a pattern developing here.  We see this cute little face in a lot of photos coming from Washington State.  Why not?  This is one very cute baby.

    Im outside and its big 5-14-2010

    Looking through the screen at the babies in that big ole out-ta-doors

    Through the screen - puppies outside 5-14-2010

    Magic is ready for these kids to get jobs and move out.

    Magic is tired of this nonsense 5-14-2010

    We Want Food!  We Want Food!  We Want Food!

    We want food - we want food 5-14-2010

    Thanks Eric for feeding my addiction — such cute babeez!

  2. The One-Legged Dog

    May 14, 2010 by myeye

    Despite not having practiced at all for a week, Chase read my mind and performed adequately at today’s trial.  There was no trumpet fanfare, but he earned his first CD leg from Novice B.  There were 16 entries, we were in the second group, we’d been on the grounds since 9:00 this morning — so we are tired.  I’m so proud of my boy — just think what he could do if his person got her act together.  We’re entered tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday.  I so hope we can skip Monday because he finishes his CD on Sunday.

    Our conformation schedule is not bad tomorrow, but is really tight on Sunday.  I’ll have to beg to be in the first group of Novice B dogs at 8:00 because Cardis show at 9:05 and little Holmes is in the first class.  I am remembering why I don’t usually enter conformation and obedience at the same cluster.

    The Boy Baddogs waiting for something to happen:

    Waiting their turns Chase-Holmes 5-14-2010

    My friend Barb made me a show vest — delivered it at 8:00 AM this morning.  IT HAS POCKETS!!!

    Cardigan Show Vest 5-14-2010