a May 15th, 2010

  1. Ahora Dos Piernas . . . and more show news

    May 15, 2010 by myeye

    This morning our Chase earned the second leg toward his CD.  We had a significantly higher score than we had yesterday and overall we performed much better.  Issues — I guess he’s never seen a handicap scooter.  In the Open A ring adjacent to us a woman was working her lab from such a chair.  Chase was enthralled; he was so enthralled that while heeling he didn’t do any sits when I was between him and the magic chair.  He solved the problem by passing me when I halted so that he could stand in front of me and watch the woman in the chair.  Funny boy!  He also lost a point and a half on the long down.  That’s one of our rock solid exercises but after two minutes he sniffed the matting a bit then looked over toward the Open A ring, then scootched his body so he was looking directly into that ring.  The judge told me that although he took of 1-1/2 points for the movement, he loved watching Chase work.  I have no idea why — since I spent the time offering up prayer that Chase didn’t blow it all on the final exercise.

    On to conformation:  Our Holmes-puppy took a major reserve.  Even though it was his very first show, he acted like a seasoned veteran.  Sherri Hurst’s Open Dog was Winners, but the Judge never hesitated when selecting the baby for Reserve.  Leidy has the loveliest side gait and cutest feminine expression.  She even has eye-liner like Inca’s.   She was second in a class of six or seven Open Bitches (and that’s with me handling her — poor girl).  Winners Bitch was from Bred-By.  Sherri Hurst asked me about Leidy after Cardis and was most complimentary.

    Chase was royally dumped in Breed.  Powell took Breed (not a surprise) and a blue dog, Pecan Valley Passage to Juneau was select.  There were no bitch specials.  The Judge asked Wendy how old Chase was.  Wendy has shown under her in Akitas and said this Judge is really into heads so Chase’s young head wasn’t what she was looking for.  He performed well — happy as always — such an uncomplicated dog.

    Tomorrow is the crunch day.  Novice B is at 8:00 and breed is at 9:05 — we’ll beg to be moved to the first group in obedience (we’ve been in the second), and boogie out as soon as the sits and downs are done.  Holmes will already be with Wendy, so I’ll race over to the conformation building, grab Leidy, and head to our ring.  Then I’ll go back to Obedience and, hopefully, gather up the last green ribbon!

    My feet are tired, a person with Norwich Terriers moved (uninvited) into my grooming space last night, and insisted she could stay — we’ve worked it out, but I was very annoyed when I couldn’t get my dogs into their crates this morning because she had piled stuff in front of them.  Finally, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s scheduling.

    But hurray for Chase con dos piernas, and for the baby with his major Reserve, and for Leidy-Lou who made a very good showing despite her handicap.