a May 18th, 2010

  1. Party’s Over — Back to Work Tomorrow to Rest

    May 18, 2010 by myeye

    I am tired of the dog show — it went on forever — or so it seemed.  Here’s a report for the final day.  There was no obedience today so Chase was deprived of the opportunity to be creative on the Recall.  Poor Chase!  The puppy won his class again, but nothing more.  Leidy was 4th in Open — no cigar!  Chase earned a Major Select toward his Grand Championship.  He showed well today.

    Interesting to look at the results for all four days of conformation.  One bitch was Winners Bitch one day and Reserve another.  Other than that, there were no repeats.  That tells me that there was no consistency in the way the judges looked at Cardis.  I spoke with the show chair for both clubs and we are invited to submit a proposed judge list.  We’ll put together a list of all-round judges who like and understand our breed.  Next year, we should have far more consistent results — I hope so.  It’s frustrating when you cannot understand what a judge is looking for!

    Chase’s mini-world tour has begun.  He’s off to Durango, Colorado, Casper and Laramie, Wyoming, Longmont, Colorado, then to Colorado Springs.  I’m to pick him up in Colorado Springs so will enter Novice B Obedience there to try to finish the CD.  I’ll enter Leidy and Holmes — perhaps pick up a couple of points for them.  I already miss my happy boy — this will be a long four weeks!

    Yesterday there was a professional photographer at ringside.  I went to look for shots of my dogs and found a few I really liked.  I ordered them digitally and will post them once they arrive in my email.

    Tomorrow it’s back to the office.  Holmes will be the office dog.