a May 30th, 2010

  1. Mmmmm! Strawberry?

    May 30, 2010 by myeye

    Chase?  I don’t know exactly how to describe him.  Maybe a very precocious four-year old boy?  My trusty handler reported that he launched himself at the Group Judge and thoroughly licked her chest and neck.  She kindly said, “This late in the day, I can use a pooch smooch.”   So, I told Wendy to treat Chase as if he was one of her Akitas.  He really takes correction well, but without it, will try to get away with whatever he can.  He’s always pushing the envelope with people.  He may have very short legs and a darling expression and an effervescent personality, but he is learning bad things when we don’t make him tow the mark.

    He again was pulled in the Group, but not placed.  He has developed a fan base that meets him outside the ring to pet him and to shake hands/paws and watch all his other cute tricks, it applauds as soon as it’s Chase’s turn on the table, and cheers and claps on his down, back and go-around.  That just puffs up his already inflated ego and sends him to Happyland.  We do not want him in Happyland because he has no brain when he is there.

    I love this funny boy to pieces, but he cannot be allowed to climb on the bathroom counter and get into the medicine cabinet (figuratively speaking).  So, I sent poor Wendy off ready to be stern with the boy.  Tomorrow will be a better day in Wyoming which will definitely be a better day for the person who pays the bills.

  2. The Tale of Holmes and the Vacuum Cleaner

    May 30, 2010 by myeye

    I cannot figure out how to take photos and run the vacuum, so I’ll have to tell you and let you imagine.  I vacuumed the downstairs today.  It doesn’t happen nearly often enough, and it was surely time.  I have the old upright kind which is very loud, but sucks up anything that will fit in its wand.  I never think to put dogs away when I do things like this because they should be exposed to all sorts of nonsense (even occasional housecleaning).

    Today is the day that puppy-Holmes realized the vacuum is a toy factory.  I stick the end under a little cabinet or low table and out come balls and much-loved stuffie carcasses.  So, he followed me through the downstairs, sitting next to me looking for all the world like the old “His Master’s Voice” dog — just waiting . . .  As soon as the vacuum scored a toy, Holmes grabbed it, ran to the dog bed (only one remains because the remains of the others required disposal), put the toy in the dog bed, and came back to watch the noisy toy factory do its thing.

    There has got to be a way to get you a photo — just haven’t figured out how to manage it.  I am sure your dogs would also like a magic toy factory.