A Month and a Day – Puppies

May 13, 2010

Eric claims that when the puppies rumble, the house shakes.  It’s also getting more difficult to keep them clean as they romp through their food and water then wrestle in the mess.  It’s okay — they make up for it in pure cuteness.

Its War 5-13-2010WAR!!!

We need a plan 5-13-2010Planned out in advance at the Cardi Council of Combat

Oodles of Pupies 5-13-2010By Oodles of Puppies

Face Wipe 5-13-2010Dirty Face

Dark Brindle wide blaze 5-13-2010That’s Better


  1. Jeri says:

    What pretty, flashy babies!

  2. Amy says:

    Very cute babies! Love all the chrome:-))

  3. Trenton says:

    Why can’t they stay like this forever, yes they can be destructive, but you can never get mad at them.