“B” Is For Breakfast – Preparing for Chase’s Outing

May 2, 2010

Yesterday I made up 27 days of meals for Chase’s World Tour (well, Colorado and Wyoming).  I sent this information to my very tolerant handler:

TV Diners for Chase 5-1-2010Meals on Wheels

FOR breakfast he always gets a serving of chicken necks (because they are easy). The necks are in individual zip bags, each with a “B” on them, packed into two 2-gallon zip bags that say “Breakfast” on them.
THE Monday and Friday meals are ground beef/vegetables so are marked “Mon or Fri” and are in a bag marked “Monday or Friday”.
TUESDAY and Saturday are ground turkey/vegetables, so the individual bags are marked “Tues or Sat” and are all packed in one zip bag marked “Tues or Sat”
WEDNESDAY is organ meat day. So, the Wednesday bags of liver are marked “Wed.” and in a zip bag marked “Wednesday”
THURSDAY is a bone-meat day. There are four bags containing duck necks marked “Thurs.” in a zip bag also marked “Thurs.”
SUNDAY is always chicken dinner day, so the four bags containing chicken backs are marked “Sun” in a zip bag marked “Sun”

All supplements are already in each bag. Each day Chase gets 4 tablets brewers’ yeast/garlic, 1-1/2 tsp. Missing Link Plus, 500 mg Vitamin C, and 50 mg of powdered zinc. He is on a monthly dose of Interceptor (heart worm/parasites). He will have had his dose on May 15th, so won’t be due again until June 15th by which date he will be home.

I didn’t pack any tripe – thought I would spare you the smelliest of all meals!

One box containing all the meals is now in the chest freezer. Do you want me to get some dry ice to put in the box for your trip home?

Meals on Wheels 5-1-2010Chase will be happy with care packages from home

Adrienne wrote the days on all the bags while reading one of the books from the “Seekers” series. I put everything in the large cooler with ice packs and then transferred it all to a freezer box in the chest freezer.  The dogs laid underfoot hoping beyond hope that yesterday was a bonus day and more food would be served.


  1. Taryn says:

    What?! No Salmon Oil??? Just kidding of course! Chase is one lucky guy with a menu like that, esp. away from home!

    I have to confess if I were sending one of mine off for an extended stay, I’d opt for the high-end kibble route. I am just not as organized as you!

  2. Sandy says:

    Working up the “courage” to start on raw. I know it’s the best, just need to work on my acquisition and organizational skills first. And I just bought another Instinct (no grain) bag to finish first. Won’t throw that away, need to feed.