First Time Outside — Chase/Magic Puppies

May 14, 2010

First, let me say I see a pattern developing here.  We see this cute little face in a lot of photos coming from Washington State.  Why not?  This is one very cute baby.

Im outside and its big 5-14-2010

Looking through the screen at the babies in that big ole out-ta-doors

Through the screen - puppies outside 5-14-2010

Magic is ready for these kids to get jobs and move out.

Magic is tired of this nonsense 5-14-2010

We Want Food!  We Want Food!  We Want Food!

We want food - we want food 5-14-2010

Thanks Eric for feeding my addiction — such cute babeez!

1 Comment

  1. Kathy says:

    OK, seriously…how could you look into those adorable little faces and NOT want to take at least one of them home with you? (Said the woman who is negotiating the reupholstery of her sofa, due to puppy chewing gone wild!)

    It’s okay Sage, I love you anyway and I wouldn’t trade you for a sofa!

    These are Beautiful puppies! It is good that they are far away from me! 😉