Holmes’ Fetish

May 11, 2010

Holmes loves Leidy and lies up against her with his head on her shoulder.  Isn’t that sweet?  It turns out that he is working on her flat collar.  I put collar #3 on her last night ( a very sturdy $14.00 version), and when I came home at noon, it was chewed through.  Since Leidy hasn’t lived with us for very long, it seems important that she wear a collar.  Holmes disagrees.  I’m going to Walmart to get a bunch of $1.00 collars so the destruction isn’t quite so painful.  The little guy is definitely working up to being a very baddog!

ps for those of you who know I was blond before my hair turned white — I use break away collars and never leave the tags on them (tags can get caught in grates and fencing).  However, at the rate Holmes is eating through Leidy’s collars, I won’t be able to afford collars or tags of any type.


  1. Nancy says:

    Be really careful! I think I had Kate home for less than a week when she and Henry got to some wild play. She grabbed, he twisted, and she ended up with the collar twisted around her lower jaw. He then panicked, and I feel sooo lucky that I was just two feet away and was able to launch onto the dogs. I got bit, but managed to fling Kate the correct direction to take the twist out and she freed herself. As freaked as Henry was, and as tight as the collar had become, something would have given with disastrous results. I cannot in good conscience leave any of my dogs with collars now. They are all chipped and I have to hope they never get out and away. At this point the risk of that seems less than the risk of their crazy play taking one down and out.

  2. Mandy says:

    I second that…I’ve seen it happened and had to cut a collar off before…even flat collars are deadly…I’d look for 1 with a quick release – the type where it pops if they are caught on something. I can’t remember now who makes the ones I mean…have to look.

  3. Holly says:

    Yup – some of my guys will chew a collar off another. Lupine collars are great as they will replace it for FREE, even if chewed. http://www.lupinepet.com/

  4. Taryn says:

    I don’t leave collars on either. Jimmy never chews through them, but he plays tug with Wilson’s so I don’t take any chances. Both boys are chipped….

  5. HamCan says:

    Soak a cheap collar in water and lots Cyenne pepper, let dry, leave it on just long enough for the goofball chewer to decide they are not to tasty! 😉

  6. Sandy says:

    To collar or not to collar…not a perfectly easy decision to make. Some of us collar just so there is a place for tags and stuff to reside. Others collar so the dog has a handle for when we need to grab them OR when a stranger needs to grab them if they are on the run. With my Greyhound the collar and the adoption tag is a must. He doesn’t have the collar/tags on in a crate because early on he did get the tags caught and stretched the little twisty thing all out and dumped the tags in the crate. But outside on the fenced property he is a jingling. Horses do not wear halters but then they are horses and anyone who has owned one knows, beside eating, horses spend the entire day looking for something to get in trouble with…and it’s never a cheap fix!