Naming the Magic/Chase Puppies

May 12, 2010

Since “Lady Luck” (Magic) has puppies by “Pursuit of Happiness” (Chase), it follows that the babies are the result of a gambling spree.  From Paula:  “I have a few gambling type names in mind: Queen of Hearts (Alice), Black Jack, Odds on Favorite, High Stakes, Taking the Odds, Winner Takes All, Raise the Stakes, Best Be.”  We all know that the blogging community includes some of the most creative minds around.  So, have at it.  All suggested names will be forwarded to Eric and Paula.

It’s likely the puppies will be at the Yakima shows for those needing to snuggle these particular little bodies.


  1. Red Dog Mom says:

    Jokers Wild, Inside Straight, Full House, Superfecta. Too bad you don’t have any tris in there because then you could use Tri-fecta! Betting the Limit, High Roller, Pit Boss, Double Down, Roll of the Dice….

  2. Dawn says:

    Lucky Streak, Aces High, Galmblers Choice
    Fun idea!

  3. jean says:

    Royal Flush
    Jacks are better
    All or Nothing
    Even Money
    Double or Nothing
    Holding your own
    Laying the odds
    Maximum Bet
    Round of play
    Table Stakes

  4. Red Dog Mom says:

    And now I am a little concerned at how familiar we seem to be with gambling terminology 🙂

  5. Laura M says:

    I didn’t see Texas Hold’em on the list. What a fun litter theme.

    Laura M.