April-Puppy Is Home in Phoenix

June 15, 2010

This from April’s owner.  Gwendy flew to Seattle to pick the baby up today and take her home to Phoenix:

“Dear Penni & Paula,

We came home, got settled in.  Went to 30 minutes of Karsten’s baseball game!  She fiercely tried to warn off a Siberian Husky.  (We are going to have to learn proper social skills at some point! 🙂 ) But I LOVE her confidence!!!!

Came back and walked around the yard.  Met the old Newf in the yard.  Roxy is the perfect love on the lil’ pup kind of dog.  Roxy is kind of like the perfect old lady that would work in a church nursery!!

Then we came back inside where she is already following me around the house!!  I’m tickled pink… or brindle at this point.

Tonight is the first night so I will really plan to spoil her a bit and let her bond with me.  I even limit the kids’ interaction in the beginning.  She has to know she will be “my” buddy!!  Sorry kids!

She’s currently laying on my lap and sends you her love!!  She will be happy here!!  I am so thankful she has loads of energy and obviously loads and loads of drive like her beautiful Mommy!!

We give you our promise that we will tenderly guide that drive into a beautiful working dog!  We are so pleased and so very grateful!!

Many many thanks,


Don’t you love notes like this?


  1. C-Myste says:

    Ok, Still need to get better with typing skills on the incredible.

    I’m delighted, Gwendy. I think that April will be the *perfect* high-drive performance girl 🙂

  2. Traci says:

    Sounds like a GREAT home that April has! I look forward to meeting Piper’s cousin and her people sometime soon! 🙂