Revisiting Sunday’s Show

June 16, 2010

Here are some photos taken by Wendy’s husband Barry while we were in the ring.

Chase Loves His Wendy 6-13-2010Chase loves his Wendy

Here comes Chase 6-13-2010He also loves to go around the ring

Chase loves to go 6-13-2010From any camera angle

Leidy in the Ring 6-13-2010Here’s little Leidy — paying attention

Holmes and Leidy commiserate 6-13-2010Leidy and Holmes hold a discussion in the ring

Holmes-Leidy Face Off in BOB 6-13-2010There’s still more to say about the event

Holmes Steps Out W Wendy 6-13-2010Go, Holmes!

Wendy-Holmes 6-13-2010Wendy sez, “Listen, Holmes, I want to talk to you”