Traveling to Colorado Springs

June 11, 2010

In Albuquerque today’s high was scheduled to be only 90 degrees — down from the 100 and 101 last weekend while I was in Seattle, and the 96-97 enjoyed(?) during the week.  We were out of town by 9:00 with glorious weather the entire trip — well, almost.  It started raining as I arrived at the Garden of the Gods La Quinta, it was hailing hard, big balls of ice when I arrived at the convention center, and then a tornado was sighted.  Wow!  What a welcome!  Nonetheless, I handed off the lab I had transported and got my crates and grooming table to our space — a little damp, but not too bad.

So, we’re settled in.

Teamwork 6-11-2010

This is how the chores were broken down.  I am going to sleep.  Chase is going to lounge on the bed, and Leidy plans to guard the door.  You might ask about Holmes — he’s in the car.  I’ve never had him in a motel before and hope to never do it again.  He is ON GUARD.  You see, there are people right outside our door and through the wall, and strange dogs.  One of the things Holmes inherited from his mother is an exceptionally annoying alarm bark.  So — he’s out in the car.  He’s loose in the back and has a trachea on which to gnaw.  You’ve no idea how guilty I feel.  On the other hand, I don’t want the management ousting us at 2:00 AM.

Chase is with me instead of with Wendy so we could do some quick obedience work — it’s been a month and I really want Chase to get that third green ribbon this weekend.  Our practice started with him watching me and forgetting to sit — a quick pop and the light bulb flashed.  He remembers.  So, cross fingers for tomorrow.

Wendy also brought me a bag of prizes — pottery from Durango, a big white rosette, the new pale blue/white select ribbons, the BOB ribbons.  Some of the items are a bit fragile, but we will get them home safely and love displaying them.

Inca is at Adrienne’s; I had dinner with my son who is coaching the Air Force Academy’s volleyball team.  All in all, we’ve had a pretty nice day.


  1. Taryn says:

    Good luck getting Chase’s third leg!

  2. C-Myste says:

    Phoebe has learned to be good in motel rooms. Unless you have an outside door under the stairwell with young people running up and down the stairs all night.

  3. Mary says:

    My Gracie was the same as Holmes. Her alarm bark is just ear-piercing. But she hates being left alone in the car, even for 5 min, & barks her fool head off the entire time. So it took a couple of sleepless nights on my part to get her to settle down in a hotel. We’re down to those soft “little woofs” now, when she absolutely can’t hold it in. And she’s finally gotten to view it like a big adventure. Dog travel bag & crate in the jeep? Whoot – Let’s go!!

  4. Jean from NM says:

    Good luck, Chase. Happy dreams, Holmes.

  5. “Moooooooom! There are all kinds of other people in this house!”

  6. Tony says:

    ONLY 90 degrees, that’s 32C Whew that’s hot. We had -2C (28F) overnight & a maximum of 12C (53F) during the day. I’d rather be cold than too hot. Motel Dog’s, Wow, how spoilt they are…

  7. Sarah says:

    Poor Holmes! But I was tempted myself with Avery and Biscuit travelling this past week!

    I think it’s funny, I was just in your neighborhood, stopped at the ABQ dog park to let the dogs run,all on the way to a dog show. But I knew it was of no use to call you when we were in town, because you were in a different state at a different dog show!