Watson on Vacation

June 29, 2010

Thanks, Alden, for these great Watson-on-vacation shots.  This dog has it made!

water dog

Biting Water

Crossing the Delaware

Across the sand I go


  1. taryn.tipton says:

    Yep, I’d say he’s one lucky dog!

  2. Alden says:

    Oh, don’t thank me. Thank Denise Sponsler for the great pictures. We all had a blast (especially Watson) at the N. CA. Corgi gathering near the Russian River.

    Wait until you see what Watson will be up to in a few weeks….he’s going river rafting.

  3. Jean from NM says:

    Great photos. He’s grown a bit since I last say him. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jean from NM says:

    Um, that’s “saw,” not say. Oops.

  5. It’s the very rare white-faced water dog!

  6. Ron says:

    Alden, are you still bringing Watson to visit us this month?