August, 2010

  1. Sign here . . . and here . . . and here

    August 31, 2010 by myeye

    Well, I closed on the house this afternoon.  Then I drove down to meet with the seller so he could show me what all the switches and knobs do, how to turn off the water.  As I always do, after I buy a house, I looked across the tumbleweed riddled land and said, “Whoa, what have I done?” It will be nice being out in the country, backed up to a huge ranch. Eventually I’ll get ducks so everyone can herd. I have worker-guys lined up to scrape up the weeds and debris and finish fencing the acre. I have an inside worker-guy who will be doing patching, painting and re-flooring. Once those chores are done, I’ll move, and then send the inside man up to the townhouse to touch it up.  Tomorrow morning I’ll meet with the inside-guy and I’ll take photos.

    The word from the east — Susan called this evening.  Chase worked ducks last night and this evening. Tonight he worked off the line and Susan said he was “herding”. He has a very solid STOP (makes Susan happy), and has learned to turn the ducks to take them in different directions, he always picks up stragglers. She is very pleased with him. So, he’s halfway through the first week and hasn’t yet been sent packing.

    Holmes is back from Topeka and I think he’ll be out of the show ring for a while.  He is so skinny though he usually eats like a pig.  He’s also sure that Leidy is still in season though she tells him it ain’t so!  We’re signed up for a Beginning Novice class and hope to visit some sheep for herding lessons.  Once I have my new-house-act together, I may add ducks so everyone can have the sort of fun Chase is enjoying.

  2. Chase Is In Tennessee

    August 30, 2010 by myeye

    Following the meet and greet at the Atlanta Show yesterday, Cheryl and Susan packed up Treasure and Kearney and Chase to head home to the Knoxville area.  Treasure picked yesterday to begin her first season, so plans were quickly reconfigured and Chase went home with Susan.  He loves Kearney (who is about the same age as Holmes) and they played until Susan decided it was time for some work.

    Chase had his first herding lesson yesterday, and this is what Susan said, “I did take Chase out on the sheep. I had to doctor my lambs (worm them). I let Kearney have all the fun of holding them to me while I doctored them. Afterward, I sorted some out, put Chase on a long line and entered the round pen with him. He got to sit at both gates – he thought that was a HUGE waste of time. Then I let him work the sheep for a bit. He was only allowed to approach them at the proper speed, but was praised for covering when a sheep tried to bolt. I remember he was startled a couple of times when I praised him, but I don’t remember what he was doing (I think it was covering sheep at a fast pace). All in all, he did a very good job. Lots of intensity, lots of drive, really good instinct. I am pleased ”

    If Susan is pleased, you can bet your boots that I am.  Soon we’ll have photos of Chase, tongue hanging out, big smile on his face — working with the sheep.  I am so relieved that he didn’t wash out of Camp on the first day.

  3. Fathers, Hide Your Daughters!

    August 28, 2010 by myeye

    That rascally Chase has landed in Atlanta.  Susan and Cheryl reported that he simply looked at them from his shipping kennel, but when they said his name, he acknowledged that they must be friends.  Cheryl has already been the object of a Chase kiss.  Tomorrow he will be at the shows to say hi to all his old friends and to meet some new ones.

    Chase - airport 8-28-2010Okay, I’m Here!

    Photos (and herding videos) will be posted as he gets settled in after the shows.

    Scout Makes a Move blogScout Puts the Moves on Chase

    Janet and Chase blogBest seat in the House

    Thanks to Carol for the Scout and Janet photos.

    Miss you, funny boy!

  4. Office Day

    August 27, 2010 by myeye

    Chase is here handling his job well.  He prefers to lie at the top of the stairs so no one can come in or go out or get food without his knowledge.  I’m not sure how the inmates will manage for the next year and a half without Chase’s attentive presence.

    Handsome Gargoyle 8-27-2010

    Chase guards stairs 8-27-2010

  5. Almost Time To Go, My Friend

    August 26, 2010 by myeye

    My Chase.

    We visited Dr. Larry this morning.  Chase weighed in at 37.4 pounds, was declared disgustingly healthy.  Dr. Larry issued him a Hall-Pass.  We sent off some blood for a Brucellosis test.  Chase spent the rest of the day at my office, racing down the steps to greet everyone who came in.  Matt brought his little rescue Chihuahua “Lola” to work.  She was afraid of Chase, so he laid on the floor as flat as he could get, trying to entice her to play with him.  He napped on the loveseat in my office and curled himself around the legs of my chair.  I took him to my friend’s grooming salon.  I bathed and dried him, trimmed the hair on his feet and Dremeled his nails.  He licked my neck while I brushed him out.

    He’ll spend tomorrow at the office — and then — Saturday morning — very early, I’ll take him to Delta Cargo and send him off to Camp Susan.  He’ll come home eventually, with new skills and new tricks.  Cheryl and Susan will sent photos and videos.  I know they’ll love and care for him.  We’ll use Skype to talk — so he and I can see each other.  But, no matter how frequent the sharing of information about this dog, I will have an empty spot in my home and in my heart.  I hope the time passes quickly.