a August 10th, 2010

  1. Still Planning To Move

    August 10, 2010 by myeye

    So — here’s where we are.  My client found a 3 bedroom/2 bath home (about 1500 square feet) on just over an acre of land in Los Lunas.  The acre is completely fenced.  Unfortunately, the house has only a one car garage, but the master plan (all in my head, of course) includes turning the existing garage into a dog room and adding on a 2-1/2 car garage.  The house-warming will be a “bring a tree and shovel” party because this was farmland, but it can be so very cool.  . . . maybe some ducks for the dogs to herd, and an agility field.  One of my longest-time friends suggested planting peach trees and have “Penni’s Peaches — U Pick ’em”.  The house is right around the corner from the site of the Valencia Valley shows.

    My client also found a cash buyer for my townhouse.  The buyer has kids that will be going to school at UNM and they decided it made more sense to purchase an investment property than to have the kids rent for four years.  The townhouse across the street is occupied by a brother/sister who are attending UNM — so the plan is very logical.

    I should know tomorrow whether this whole plot is really workable.  Think good thoughts!  I want me a tractor (John Deere, of course).

    Other stuff:

    Leidy is coming into season — Chase thinks she’s absolutely charming and she just wants to cavort.

    Holmes will be going to the Topeka cluster with Wendy — but I’ve not found a ride back to Albuquerque for him (or to Amarillo where I could pick him up).

    A criminal case on which I’ve been working since 2005 was dismissed today — talk about a happy client!